How Much Will You Be Paid For A Junk Car?

3 November 2018
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Those trying to get money for junk cars tend to be worried about whether they're going to really get a fair value for their vehicles. There are several factors that'll play into the final price you'll receive for an automobile.

High Demand for the Car

Vehicles that are in high demand tend to fetch bigger price tags from companies that offer salvage cars for sale. This is simple economics, as they benefit from having parts for vehicles that they can easily itemize, put into inventory and sell. In many cases, they may even already have a buyer lined up. Some buyers will even purchase and store a whole salvage car in order to have a complete vehicle on hand to pull parts from on an as-needed basis.

Condition Matters

The condition of the car in question will significantly influence the final price of a vehicle. For example, one that has sat in a field for several years may begin to develop significant rust in parts that are desirable for sale, such as the corner panels, and that makes it harder for the company purchasing it to turn a profit. Similarly, a ride with a blown engine may only be good for auto body parts. One that has been through a flood might have a ruined engine. Whenever there's doubt about the condition of prime parts, the price will go down.

If possible, try to have as much detail about why the car is being junked. This can help the buyer make a more informed decision and offer you a fair price.

Haul it Yourself

When seeking money for junk cars, it pays to be able to haul your vehicle to the buyer. Many will gladly offer free pickup of vehicles, but you can be assured that they'll factor in the cost of sending a truck out to collect it and the aggravation that'll go into pulling the occasional car out of a tough spot. If you have access to a flatbed, a tow dolly or a trailer, the buyer will usually give you a good chunk of the difference.

Get the Paperwork Right

While it is possible to sell a car without a title, you'll have a much easier time dealing with the process if you have all the paperwork in order. If you are not in a rush and don't have the title, file to get a new one.