How Much Will You Be Paid For A Junk Car?

3 November 2018
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Those trying to get money for junk cars tend to be worried about whether they're going to really get a fair value for their vehicles. There are several factors that'll play into the final price you'll receive for an automobile. High Demand for the Car Vehicles that are in high demand tend to fetch bigger price tags from companies that offer salvage cars for sale. This is simple economics, as they benefit from having parts for vehicles that they can easily itemize, put into inventory and sell. Read More 

Up, Down, Up Down: Garage Door Calisthenics And How To Make It Stop

24 February 2017
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Calisthenics is good for you, but not so good for your garage. A garage door that frequently goes up and down and acts like it is possessed by a fitness guru is not normal, nor is it something to be trifled with. If this is exactly how your garage door is behaving, there is a reason (a few, in fact) and a way to make it stop. Wiring Wiring on your garage door opener could definitely be the problem. Read More 

Remove Rust And Debris From Your Vehicle’s Fan Blades

31 October 2016
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If your convertible's engine fan stops moving at random intervals, due to rusted blades and debris caked on portions of each one, remove damage and residue by completing the steps below. Once you have finished, the fan will circulate air over the radiator in an even manner, preventing your vehicle's engine from overheating. Materials rust-dissolving spray naval jelly foam brush scouring pad water hose industrial-strength detergent bucket of warm water plastic scraper lint-free cloth shop vacuum cleaner (with hose attachment) rust-inhibiting spray Apply A Rust Dissolving Product And Wipe Surfaces With A Scouring Pad Read More 

Adding Blind Spot Mirrors: Considerations And Benefits

22 July 2016
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Having to turn and check your blind spots when driving before you change lanes or turn is second nature to many people, but it still requires that you take your eyes off the road in front of you. This can be risky, especially if you're in a crowded area. Adding blind spot mirrors can help, and the car mirrors are generally cheap and easy to install. But they can also take some getting used to, and in fact, they may be distracting at first. Read More 

How To Keep Your Car’s Transmission In Great Shape

17 June 2016
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A transmission is one of the most important parts of any car, and as such, it's equally important that you maintain it from the second you start driving. Taking care of a transmission is a little more involved than just changing the oil or tires every once in a while, but the added time and money that you invest will pay off if you intend to drive your vehicle for as long as possible. Read More