How To Keep Your Car's Transmission In Great Shape

17 June 2016
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A transmission is one of the most important parts of any car, and as such, it's equally important that you maintain it from the second you start driving. Taking care of a transmission is a little more involved than just changing the oil or tires every once in a while, but the added time and money that you invest will pay off if you intend to drive your vehicle for as long as possible. So take a look below at three great tips that will help you keep your car's transmission in the best possible shape.

Add An Auxiliary Cooler

If you're one to put your vehicle to the test - meaning you regularly haul heavy loads or drive on uneven surfaces - then you're also asking a lot of your transmission, which translates into excess heat. To combat this, install an auxiliary cooler. This will ensure that your transmission maintains a regular temperature and that the transmission fluid doesn't break down. That way, you can keep demanding the most from your vehicle and potentially save a lot of money in the process. 

Don't Rock the Gears

When stuck in nasty conditions such as mud or slushy snow, it's not uncommon for many drivers to rock suddenly between gears in attempt to get their vehicle up and running again. But doing so actually does more harm than good, as it places a lot of undue stress on the transmission. If you do have to change gears in such a situation, do so only after the wheels have stopped moving and you've exhausted other solutions.

Don't Add Too Much Fluid

One of the most basic ways you can look after your chevy transmissions is by adding quality transmission fluid of the correct type, and then checking often to see that it has maintained the right level and color. But as necessary as transmission fluid is, it is possible to have too much of a good thing. In fact, if you mistakenly overfill your transmission fluid, don't be surprised to have it foam up in the near future. This is a sign of lessened lubrication and, possibly, of significant internal damage. So don't be careless when measuring your transmission fluid levels, or think that topping up beyond the recommended range will give your transmission a longer life. In reality, attention to detail is often what extends the life of a transmission more than anything else.