4 Tips For Minimizing Clutter In Your Motor Home's Kitchen

16 June 2016
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Keeping a kitchen neat, tidy and organized can be challenging in even the best of circumstances, and it can be a whole lot tougher in the rather cramped confines of a motor home. However, whether you live in your RV full-time or if you just like to use it for vacations, you probably want your kitchen area to be welcoming, comfortable and pleasant to cook in. If you'd like to cut down on clutter, consider these helpful tips for keeping your motor home's kitchen neatly organized.

1. Invest in Sliding Trays

You can purchase and install sliding trays (from an outlet such as Radauto) in varying sizes that are designed specifically for motorhomes. When not in use, these trays slide in and stay out of the way. When you pull the trays out, however, you can access a surprising amount of space. Installing these trays can provide you with a place to store things like kitchen towels and cooking utensils so that they are close by when you need them but are out of sight when you don't.

2. Use Baskets and Bins

One great way to corral clutter in your motor home is to use baskets and bins, whether in the cabinets, on the counter or in the refrigerator. This makes it easier for you to store more items in one place, which is essential when you're in a tiny motor home kitchen. Small bins can be used to corral like items in your small motorhome fridge, such as having one bin for lunch meats and cheeses and another bin for condiments.

3. Purchase Kitchen Items That "Nest"

Kitchen items that "nest" together can make storage and organization easier in a smaller space. For example, look for measuring cups, measuring spoons, mixing bowls and other items that can be easily stacked on top of one another. Since you probably don't have a lot of space in your motorhome kitchen's cabinets, having nesting items can make it easier for you to store more essentials in your cabinets.

4. Clean Up Regularly

Even though it can be easy to put off kitchen chores -- particularly when you're using your RV for a vacation and want to relax rather than slaving away in the kitchen -- it's essential to keep a motorhome kitchen neat and tidy. Even a small mess can seem like a big deal in such cramped quarters, so take the time to pick up the kitchen throughout the day so that the clutter does not build up.