Need A New Muffler? 3 Things You Need To Consider

13 June 2016
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A muffler plays a very crucial role in your car's operation. It is responsible for reducing the noise produced by your engine, while also increasing its efficiency. You can get an aftermarket part from a local auto parts store to save some money, but you should really stop and think about what kind of muffler you need for your car. Consider these 3 things to ensure you're making the right choice.

The Material

The differences between aluminized and stainless steel mufflers could seem very minor, but there are actually notable differences between these two materials. Stainless steel will be the more expensive option, but the muffler will last much longer in comparison to an aluminized muffler, which can corrode in wet climates. Both of these materials are still superior to a chrome muffler, which is known to chip and flake over time.

The Size

You must also consider how big the muffler is, with there being three different measurements you need to be aware of. Know the length, outlet size, and inlet size.

The muffler's inlet size needs to be the same as your vehicle's tailpipe. A muffler with an inlet that is slightly bigger or smaller will not fit your car. The outlet does not need to be an exact size, but it needs to be small enough to clear any existing cut-out that your vehicle has for the muffler. The length also has some wiggle room to it, with most people opting for a muffler that doesn't go far past their rear bumper. A muffler that's too long can be obnoxious, as well as something that can scratch another person's car when parallel parking.

The Installation

The installation method of the bumper will also need to be something that you consider. Clamp-on mufflers are a very popular design, with the installation process being exactly as the name implies. They slide onto the tailpipe and use a clamp to tighten onto it. While the clamp-on method is popular because it's so easy to install, the installation method has a big drawback. Vibrations can cause the clamp to loosen as you drive, or a thief can easily remove it.

Welding the muffler to your vehicle is a better solution, but is hard for the average person to do on their own unless they have experience with welding and the equipment on hand. For help having a muffler installed, you are best off going to a mechanic for professional help.