Did Your Transmission Break? What To Know Before You Pay To Repair It

11 June 2016
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If your car has broken down and the mechanics are suspecting that it's the transmission, there are a few details you want to find out before you give them the go ahead to start working on your car. You want to know what the costs could potentially be, and if your vehicle is worth fixing. Here are a few of the important questions you want to ask.

Can You Get it Rebuilt or Repaired?

Is the transmission repairable, or can you have it rebuilt? If so, what is the cost going to be, how long is it going to take, and is the cost of the repairs worth the value of the transmission or the car? These are all important questions you'll want to ask when you get a quote for the repairs. If you can get it repaired for at least half the cost of a new one, it's a great option to repair the unit to save money. Finding a shop that specializes in transmissions is best for getting a diagnosis.

Are They Sure It's Only the Transmission?

Can the mechanic guarantee that it's only the transmission that needs repair, and that they won't need to replace the clutch or other mechanical components once they have the car torn apart? If not, and if there are suspicions of other problems, you could end up with a lot more work that needs done, and the cost could become unaffordable impractical based on the year and value of the car. Find a mechanic that is sure they know what's wrong before starting the project.

Will Used be More Affordable?

Is purchasing a used transmission that is still in working order an option? You will have to pay the labor to have the used transmission pulled, and then installed, but often this can be a much more affordable alternative to getting your damaged one repaired or replacing it. Call around to local junk yards and look online to see if there are local used options.

A transmission repair or replacement can be a costly repair, so you want to make sure that you're making a good investment, and that your car is something you want to invest in. Talk with the local transmission specialists to see what they have to say after they do a full inspection, and then make the most affordable and practical decision to get the car fixed. To learn more, contact a company like S & A Transmission